How it works

A Technology Watchand Competitive Intelligence platform like Vicubo Cloud is a fast and easy way to implement the TW&CI process in your organization, according to the methodology of European R&D rules (166006:2011 UNE) in 4 easy steps:

1. Register

You can register online filling in the required fields on the form.

In the registry, in addition to contact details, you can indicate the sectors and services in whic hyou are interested. You can also register 2 team members thus promoting the use of the platform in your organization.

2. Immediate response

Once the application is accepted, you will receive an immediate response from our analysts welcoming. Then we will assign a skilled attendant who will contact you to solve all questions regarding your subscription.

3. Confirmation admission

After confirming every details, you will be informed via email when you can start working with Vicubo Cloud platform. It will take only a few minutes

4. In Vicubo Cloud

Once you have accessed the platform, you can view our tutorials; however remember that you have a guided assistance at all times. Simple and Easy!.

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