What Vicubo Cloud gives

The 6 benefits of performing Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence with Vicubo Cloud are:

1. Monitoring any source of information

Monitorizar cualquier fuente de información
  • Tracking brands, competitors, tenders, technologies, etc. in social networks, websites, blogs and many others.
  • Allows you to subscribe to more than 200 sources of information in the invisible web, classified by sectors

2. Centralizing and systematizing the TW&CI process

Centralizar y sistematizar el proceso de VT&IC
  • Personalized information
  • With advanced tools: search, classification, storage, analysis, publication and distribution, e-mail alerts, custom newsletters and other services that help teamwork and decision making
  • Vicubo Cloud faithfully follows the TW&CI cycle of the 166.006:2011 European rule

3. Reducing the time dedicated to information management

Reducir el tiempo dedicado a la gestión de información
  • Analyzes, normalizes, filters and labels content, optimizing all information sources and avoiding maintenance to end-user.
  • Control of badly formatted XML pages, broken links, unusual formats, service interruptions, and others, increasing productivity, lifetime of resources and ease of use.

4. Personalized and confidential attention

Atención personalizada y confidencial
  • Advice throughout the whole Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence (TW&CI) management process.
  • Configuration to custom-made needs
  • Firm commitment in selecting quality information sources, accelerating information management
  • Information confidentiality is assured at all times.

5. Facilitates the integration of the information securely

Facilitar la  integración de  información de forma segura
  • Integrates all kind of content, data or information of any supplier or source in different formats and transforms them into one.
  • Vicubo Cloud easily connects with different content management systems or applications.
  • Private access, ensures information security

6. Visually analyzes the classified information

Analizar visualmente la información clasificada
  • The patents and articles stored information is displayed visually represented by indicators, highlighting the evolution of information, technologies, leaders, markets, barriers, social media publications... in a particular sector



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