The benefits of performing technology watch and competitive intelligence on a company or organization with Vicubo Cloud, are:

  • Anticipate: To detect relevant changes in the business environment affect your company.
  • Minimize Risks: Identify threats for the company: new products, regulations, competitors, etc. to make proper decisions.
  • Compare: Recognize the strengths and weaknesses against the competition and customer needs.
  • Innovate: Identify opportunities for improvement and innovative ideas in the market.
  • Cooperate: Know your chances for cooperation and find the most suitable partners.

The benefits of having a tool in SaaS (software as a service), as Vicubo Cloud, are:

  • Secure Access. Hosting architecture that ensures high availability and security in the applications by farms of servers. Access to the application through authentication against CAS server and https protocol.
  • Confidentiality. Confidentiality of data transaction system and the data associated with user or company are guaranteed.
  • Easy to use. Access is done via a web browser, you just have to log in and get to work. Also, it is not necessary to worry about the technical infrastructure and to involve IT departments.
  • Cost savings. SaaS is essentially a service-based model. Our company takes care of the IT infrastructure, hardware, software, maintenance and so on. From this point of view, our clients only have to worry about using the software.
  • Scalable. Start with the number of users you want, and increase with regard to the needs. The amount of content you can monitor is not limited by the resources of your organization.
  • Constant improvement. We take care of updates and improvements. Each time we update our software, our customers will automatically get the latest version.
  • Multidevice. Secure Access from multiple devices to the watch and intelligence application.

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